Beauty makeup brush set,Goblet gourd foundation eye makeup brush 10Pcs

Beauty makeup brush set,Goblet gourd foundation eye makeup brush 10Pcs

Tall Makeup Brushes Series

 Material:ABS Nylon, Wool Fibre Wool Bristle, 

Sets Size:10pcs

Material:Synthetic Hair Color:RedFeatures & details
High quality: made of soft and dense synthetic fiber, dense bristles, soft, no peeling off after cleaning, no peeling off, easy to apply, 

used in powders, creams and liquid cosmetics, no residue, no damage to the skin, medium length durable handle Easy to hold.Features: beveled brush, lip, eyeliner, cone, blend, concealer, eyebrows, classic detail brush, stucco, blush, shed, contour, this brush kit includes everything you need for your natural face and eye makeup application Professional or family use.

Regular maintenance: once a week, soak the brush in diluted warm soapy water, wash it along the hair, then rinse it off with cold water. 

Use a little paper to blot the water slightly, arrange it, and dry it on a dry towel.

Note: To dry naturally, do not blow dry with a hair dryer, or put it in the sun to dry, otherwise it may hurt the material; 

after washing, you can also use hair conditioner to dip it, which will make the bristles softer. .

You can also use professional makeup brush cleaner.

Convenience: You can take it with you, take a wedding, date or travel and put it in your handbag,Easy to use and convenient to carry ,

Feel light and soft,it can easily create clear and brilliant makeup finish ,high quality material, which is comfortable and smooth ,Suitable for salon, party, bride, or home